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The Difference Over 50,000 Vehicles and 33 Years of Experience Can Make in Restoring Your Car Expertly

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Certified Gold Class I-Car and ASE

EURO Collision’s mission is to provide integral auto body care to each vehicle repair, a holistic approach to ensure structural integrity, optimum functionality, design aesthetics, comfort and crash safety meet the OEM standards of high quality.

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  • Insurance Direct Billing
  • Car Rental Assistance On-Location
  • Towing Service
  • Early Morning and Night Drop-Offs
  • Complementary Repair Estimate
  • OEM Certified Collision Repair; I-Car and ASE Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty on Auto Body and Paint
  • Comprehensive, Integral Auto Body Repair
  • Auto Glass Replacement, Mirror Replacement
  • Hail Damage Repair; Paintless Dent Repair
  • Specialization in Minor & Major Collision Damage Repair
  • Ultrasound, Laser Measurement Systems for Precision Alignments
  • Unibody and Full Frame Straightening & Repair
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Re-calibration of Sensors, Drive & Safety Systems
  • Auto Detailing
Diagnostic evaluation of collision damage

The first step to eliminate collision damage starts with fully identifying a problem and understanding the cause of interrelated issues. Only then can you create an effective repair solution.

Auto body and collision repair

Just how important is precision and tight tolerances? If a vehicle is not restored with accurate precision, sometimes the thickness of 1-3 dimes, reliability may be compromised.

Auto painting

Premium Auto Painting goes beyond creating a rich, luminuous finish with specialized effects; it builds a resilient, fade-resistant protection system against debris and scratches.

From the Auto Body Shop

What does OEM Certified Mean?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Certification is a manufacturer recognition of specialized factory training, expertise in customized repair procedures, and the right equipment and technologies to restore a vehicle properly and safely. This OEM validation of consistent auto body repair work demonstrates proficiency in mirroring factory standards.

Certified Collision auto body and collision repair

Raising the Bar

Certified collision repair guarantees the quality of your vehicle by implementing three aspects which give advantage in fixing your vehicle.

  1. OEM Factory Trained

    Training to OEM factory standards qualifies auto body repair work in assemblage, fabrication and parts to render operational performance, structural stability, safety and aesthetics precisely as originally designed by the manufacturer. Maintaining these standards upholds your manufacturer warranty.

  2. Expertise in Automotive Innovation

    The automotive industry innovates continuous technology from electronics to hybrid engines, to automated intelligence systems. This includes new material compositions such as high strength steel, aluminums, carbon fiber and magnesium alloys. Each manufacturer brand and their models require customized knowledge in repair methodologies to address these evolving changes, which is essential to be current.

  3. Investment in High Performance

    A modern car often operates with over 150 subsystems– each with differentiated controls and processes for functionality such as braking, steering control, traction and accident prevention. These high performance subsystems, operated by electronics, micro-controllers and sensors, make-up a complex computerized and electrical network. When an auto body is damaged, disruption and compaction can affect this network, which is critical to operability. Taking an integrated approach between fabrication, engineering and electronics is necessary to fix these interdependent systems effectively.

Integral Auto Body Care

  • Thorough diagnostic of damage to determine impact to structural integrity of vehicle, potential weakening of materials, loss of crash protection, and systems and electronics operability.

  • Rebuild vehicle structural components, including fixing/replacing parts, straightening and aligning an auto frame to original manufacturer design specifications.

  • Evaluation check of joints, welds, tolerances and seals; safety constraints and mechanisms; systems and sensors recalibration as necessary.

  • Premium refinishing using prime layers for even coverage and blends, waterborne paints for exacting color matches, and resilient protection coats for debris and scratch resistance.