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With focus on various types of collision impact and auto body damage, Euro Collision offers you a highly-specialized and experienced precision team ready to restore collision damage from the most extensive to minor body work with prompt service.


The Auto Painting Estimate Fallacy Comparing costs for painting your car may lead you to believe the proclamations of some national auto painting shops asserting to be up to 33% less expensive than independent auto body shops. The truth is this may be true for just an overspray of your car, but it does not hold true for durable auto painting and finishing that in many cases cost the same or less for the same service. Find out the difference.


Major collion damage caused on by an accident Hidden Collision Damage With a major collision impact, visible physical damage is more obvious and substantially easier to diagnose. But this may only account for a partial assessment of damage, not identifying hidden structural compromise and instability or system failures. How does hidden damage left undiagnosed affect you next time you go to drive your car? A need-to-know about major collision damage.


The front and rear construction of an automobile is designed as a crumple zone Maintaining Structural Integrity The design of the front and rear build of an automobile is purposely designed to deform and absorb kinetic energy on impact. Known as the crumple zone, each automotive model has specific areas to transfer force and protect you in the event of an accident. So why is the design of a rigid auto frame not made for force deduction?