It is not really necessary to get 3 estimates. Repair processes are standardized in time allocations and expenses within the insurance industry to manage costs. You only need one, accurate assessment of auto body collision damage to determine what needs a repair.

EURO Collision Center



Get an Auto Body Repair Estimate

To get an estimate is an easy 2-step process. If you file with an insurance company we only need the claim number and we will handle all the details. If you want to cover the repair directly, we will coordinate and manage the entire process for you and let you know the assessment of damage and its cost of repair.

  • 1) Report the collision or damage to your insurance agent regardless of fault as soon as possible to initiate the claim process. Provide us your claim number and we will handle the claim process to obtain your repair.

  • 2) Give us a call at (303) 793-0404 or send us an email request at to request an appointment for an estimate. Please provide a contact phone number. We will contact you to arrange a time to have our estimator review the damage to your vehicle and provide you the cost of repair to fix the collision damage.

    You do not need to obtain multiple estimates for an insurance claim. If your vehicle is not safe to drive, or you think it may be questionable, call us at (303) 793-0404 and we will arrange for a tow service to bring your vehicle to our shop.

Direct Payment

If you decide to pay directly for collision damage repair, we will provide you an estimate for repair based on our detailed assessment of damage and the costs associated with returning your vehicle back to its condition before the accident/damage.

Appraisal of Collision Damage

Your insurance company will send an appraiser to the auto body shop to determine the actual value of your vehicle immediately before the accident or damage, the current value and the potential costs associated with returning your vehicle back to its previous condition.

As certified collision repair specialists, we fully estimate all damage, both external and internal, to give you a detailed assessment of damage and repair cost based on actual restoration costs so you have complete information to understand the value and costs involved.