EURO Collision Center



Request a Collision Repair Time

Line up a efficient and effective auto body repair appointment with Euro Collision to fix your vehicle damage and get back on the road.

Schedule a Repair Appointment
  • 1) Send us an email at and attach your repair estimate. Please include your contact phone number. We will call you to arrange a repair appointment time and to ensure you have transportation, such as a car rental if needed when you come into the auto body shop.

    You may also call us direct at 303 793-0404 to arrange an appointment time. Please fax a copy of your estimate to 303 793-0808.

    If you do not have an estimate, schedule an estimate first so we can accurately assess your auto body damage.

  • 2) We will confirm your appointment once all replacement parts are in shop. Before you come in for a repair, we will order all parts necessary to make sure that the parts are in the shop before starting your repair to minimize the repair time and avoid delays.

If you need to make special arrangements, please advise us of this and we will do all that we can to meet your requests.