An auto body is more than a physical exterior. It's a support system.

Auto body polishing

In the design and engineering of a bridge, similar to an auto body, structure is foundational to creating a support system of strength and load-bearing. Configuration, tension and compression work together to uphold suspension and physical integrity, as do the efficiency of its materials.

Auto makers use this same concept of construction when creating an auto body. A vehicle's body is the support to drive systems, complex electronics and microprocessors, mechanical assemblies – a body's structure reinforces its strength and load capacity.

Every component, construct, and section acts together to create a platform of solidarity that upholdd under all types of conditions. Like the bridge, suspension plays a critical role in the transfer of force; for a vehicle, additionally it adds control.

We take restoring an auto body beyond repairing dents, replacement parts and refinishing. EURO Collision restores world-class automotive design and engineering. When we perform an auto body repair, our technicians focus on:

  • Structure and fit; configuration for proper function and load-bearing
  • Material strength and durability
  • Accurate dimensions and adherence to appropriate gap and tolerances
  • Partial-part-replacement or sectioning on proper seams and joints aligned with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) protocols to ensure design integrity and stress load
  • Frame straightening and alignment
  • Suspension performance and control
  • Surface preparation, painting and refinishing to factory match, using waterborne paints and resilient protective coatings.
Truck auto body repair
Sectioning collision damage

Our auto body repair restores your vehicle support system, and builds back your vehicle auto body appearance and function. These processes include:

  • Fix minor scrapes, scratches, dings, and pull-out dents
  • Repair surface intrusions and creases (large dents, hail damage)
  • Glass replacement of windshield and windows, headlights, taillights; mirrors and cameras
  • Disassemble damaged parts and replace components, parts and exterior body panels
  • Replace mechanical assemblies as needed; repair internal components and systems for proper drivability and performance
  • Repair and replace electronics, sensors, and controllers

We use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as our preference in restoring an auto body. Unless you as a vehicle owner choose to use less-expensive parts and replacements (such as with an older vehicle) or if your insurance company will not cover OEM parts and replacements, we will order these direct from the manufacturer. We do this to maintain your vehicle design and spec, and adhere closely to manufacturer warranties.

If your policy does not provide for OEM parts, we will advise you of this and will work with your insurance company as appropriate. You as a vehicle owner have the choice of replacement installation parts.

Windshield replacement

For auto body damage involving glass, we handle windshield, window, and rear window glass replacment and installation. Auto body repair service additionally includes mirror, camera and sensor replacement.

Refinishing door

Replacement panels and parts are primed, painted and refinished to blend with your auto body.