Superior Painting & Finishing


Auto painting and finishing preserves auto body design, protects against corrosion and the elements, and restores your vehicle’s visual distinction and value.


Auto painting with a superior finish is as much about artistry as it is about technical skill. Capturing rich color and luminoisity requires factoring environmental elements, building finish coats, and creating receptive surfaces. Matching factory color specifications and codes used in original manufacturing come close to achieving a consistent coloration, but do not factor impacts affecting a finish, such as sun or chemical exposure. Unlike original manufacturing which starts with a pristine auto body to cover, auto body painting starts with building a surface through multiple layers using filler and primer, sanding, and buffing to build a receptive finish to accept color flawlessly.


The difference between a sprayed color coat and sealant (which often chips or blisters over time) and a professional finish lies in how the auto body surface is prepped and layered to create a smooth finish, and finely polished before applying color and protective coats. In this initial process of building layers we match subtle contours and body lines to restore a vehicle's design and meticulously build the surface to remove all imperfections to restore the original surface texture. With the proper bonding of composite materials and prepping, the surface is enhanced for smooth blending of paint and consistent absorption, highly critical to a uniform finish.

Fine sanding and prepping surface for finish
After surface prepping, we clean the auto body with solvents and prep it to receive a basecoat primer and clear coat protective finishes. Components, such as door panels and bumpers, are individually painted if possible to eliminate overspray on the vehicle. Trim and surfaces not set to receive coating are carefully masked. Paint and clear coat finishes are then applied using a temperature controlled, down-draft spray booth that provides steady pre-adjusted temperature conditions for a consistent finish with less infringement from environmental impacts, such as dust particles. EURO Collision uses High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns in the application process to closely match the uniformity and even coverage of factory application of paint and exterior coatings. Precise mixing measurement and continuous tint blending are managed in a mixing station to ensure consistent application.

With a focus on premium quality finishes that do not fade or lose luster, and protect against corrosion and harsh environmental elements, EURO Collision partners with Akzo Nobel, a German provider of leading edge, high quality car refinishing paints and specialized coatings. Akzo Nobel's Sikkens basecoat/ clear coat system is world renown for supplying high-end manufacturers such as Porsche. As a pioneer in innovative coatings, Akzo Nobel offers highly accurate color matching systems.


Factory color matching uses computerized codes for all standard and factory variations provided direct from manufacturers. Custom or non-factory colors can be matched utilizing an in-house camera system that identifies the colors on an existing finish through multiple measurements, and then calculating a color formula. Akzo Nobel’s Sikkens is one of the leaders in this color matching system propelling industry standards by defining greater levels of matching accuracy. This state-of-the-art equipment provides a distinct advantage over other matching systems in that it analyzes twelve points of reference versus the typical six reference studies, reducing multiple coat applications that may be applied in error trying to match a finish.

We guarantee your paint against peeling, blistering, wrinkling, and loss of gloss or shine with our Lifetime Warranty.