Mastery of Auto Restoration

Repairing collision damage to a car is much more than just restoring a mechanical piece of equipment. The "road car" is a complex system of technologies and advanced materials, all integrated into a design of efficiency and drive performance. And when a car/truck has damage, expertise and skill play a fundamental role in bringing it back and recapturing the ride.


Precision Auto Body and Collision Care

EURO Collision provides you a master crew of collision specialists, each with targeted expertise in specific areas of auto body and collision repair, such as materials fabrication, unibody frame repair, or color matching and finishing. By developing technicians with certification and training in each repair specialty, we are able to create proficiencies and highly adept workmanship.

Auto body and collision damage represent varying degrees of auto damage that are not one in the same. With a high-response collision team we are able to address the various forms of auto damage with specialized knowledge and precise repair, and direct resources specific to your problem. This type of evaluation and management of repair expedites the processes, increases efficiency and effectiveness while reducing overall cost.

The idea behind Euro Collision grew from the realization that auto body and collision repair is essentially a rebuilding process that requires deep understanding of automotive design and technologies, and specialized skill in reconstruction. These resources, when aligned to damage conditions, produce the highlest level of results and workmanship.

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A Niche for Recreating Cars

Like several innovative businesses, we started in a garage, except our niche was recreating cars. Not just putting together the nuts and bolts, the engine, but crafting beautiful surfaces, and shaping distressed metal and frames back into high performance vehicles. Today repairing an auto body, especially after collision damage, is about mastering advance technologies and systems and investing in highly skilled workmanship. In earlier days it may have been a sideline for owner, Bob Sanandaji to earn an education. Today EURO Collision is the collective idea of more than one lead men, with the sole mission to create a car of vision and quality.