Accurate Damage Assessment


When your vehicle is involved in a collision, even in common “fender benders,” the structural integrity of your car or truck can be affected. Indirect or hidden damage is not always visible and may cause more damage if left unaddressed resulting in potential alignment, suspension, driving performance, and safety problems.

Diagnostic evaluation and assessment is a critical step before proceeding with the auto body repair process. To get an accurate estimate for damage repair, keep in mind that not all damage presents itself in visual inspection and some disassembly may be required to get a true assessment.

An estimate of auto body damage is an initial assessment of repair cost based on a visual appraisal of damage and knowledge of what it takes to perform such repairs. In circumstancesin which structural integrity and/or control systems and technologies are compromised, which are interdependent and complex, damage may be difficult to diagnose without in-depth investigation. Occasionally, it's necessary to add a supplemental cost to an estimate based on comprehensive damage evaluation after disassembly – damage that is impossible to evaluate visually. We will notify your insurance company and you to explain all findings, why such repairs are necessary, and all options for auto body repair.

EURO Collision utilizes various technologies for diagnostic evaluation: computerized diagnostic systems with control points (measured against manufacturer specifications and vehicle-specific codes), on-board testing equipment for electronically controlled systems and circuitry, scanner technologies, and symptomatic evaluation to analyze against factory operational guides.

With these tools we can identify and verify issues in frame alignment, structural integrity (stress points and material weakening), and mechanical and electronic systems performance. This information along with our technicians’ understanding of specific makes and models provides precise knowledge for more efficient, targeted repairs, which in the long run can save in repair cost. Throughout the repair process, your vehicle will be monitored and tested for factory standards and any failure in performance. A documented history is maintained on all corrective actions and replacements.