EURO Collision Auto Body Repair Lifetime Warranty

As a hallmark of upholding a high-quality standard in workmanship, EURO Collision gives you a lifetime warranty on all auto body collision repairs that we perform to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. This applies for as long as you own the vehicle. This warranty covers defects occurring under normal conditions. Damage caused by accidents, negligence, abuse, misuse, exposure to elements, or paint chipped by driving conditions are not be covered under the scope of this warranty.

Unmatched quality workmanship guaranteed

EURO Collision warrants its paint for the life of the vehicle against cracking, peeling and blistering caused by moisture, chalking, fading, and loss of gloss caused by hazing, provided the refinishing is performed over an original, undamaged factory finish or over original equipment manufacturer replacement parts. Stone chips are not covered.

We make every effort to provide the highest quality workmanship to you using industry standards and available technologies at the time of your repair. If you believe the workmanship is not up to this standard, EURO Collision will correct any problems found with the repair that are inferior in quality or workmanship. Should any questions arise concerning this warranty, please inform us of the nature of your problem, so we may address and correct it. Prior to performing warranty work a review of the repair will be conducted by our management team.

Exclusions not covered under this warranty: sublet work, if required, as listed on the repair order, tires, batteries, mechanical parts, wiper blades, and oils. These items are often covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranties. We will assist you in handling the claims of other manufacturer’s products installed by EURO Collision. We guarantee that the parts used were manufactured by your original equipment manufacturer unless you were otherwise notified, and so noted on your repair order.

1 Out of 5% of Auto Body Shops with Platinum Collision Specialists

Not all body shop technicians train to platinum level... we do. The I-Car Platinum Class is an industry professional designation that signifies the highest level of professional expertise and training in refinishing, steel structural fabrication, non-structural repair, and estimation.

Certification matters in repairing your vehicle in that this represents a qualification of specialized knowledge in auto collision repair; a key to accurate diagnostics of structural and operational problems after damage, and technology experience that leads to effective solutions, efficiencies, and safety, all of which can minimize repair costs.