Roadside tow assistance

Towing Your Vehicle

If you experience considerable damage after an accident or your vehicle is inoperable, we can provide you immediate pick up and tow service for your vehicle upon request. We make all arrangements for roadside assistance and handle coverage with your agent if you go through an insurance provider, or assist you personally if you directly cover your repair.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle is unsafe to drive, call us at (303) 793-0404. We will advise you based upon the specific circumstances. After some accident events, driving a vehicle to the body shop may cause more damage and not be advisable.

Let Us Arrange a Car Rental

If you plan on covering your collision repair through insurance, we will assist you in checking policy rental coverage (most policies have rental coverage). All we need from you is your insurance agent contact and claim number. If you are covering this expense on your own, we will give you various options to consider and their respective costs.

EURO Collision will make all the rental arrangements and have one of our affiliate car rental representatives onsite to go over the rental agreement with you at the point of vehicle drop off. When your vehicle is ready for pick-up, you return your rental car to the body shop and we conclude your rental car check in during this process.

Never Be Without Transportation: Have a Car Ready and Waiting

Going without a vehicle is not an option. When you schedule your collision repair, we provide you an anticipated time frame for the collision repair based upon the time needed for service and having all parts available in the shop. Based on this repair schedule, we can arrange for a car rental to be ready and waiting for you onsite when you drop off your veicle.

Immediate Need for Transportation During Collision Repair

If you receive collision damage and have an urgent need for transportation, call us immediately at (303) 790-0404, and we will make arrangements for a car rental to meet your need.

Occasionally the repair process may require an extension of time due to unforeseen damage not apparent until the vehicle is disassembled. If this occurs, we will provide your insurance company with an addendum for the additional time and rental expense with an explanation of the extension.