Precision Collision Repair
Bob Sanandaji, Master Collision Specialist

"The defining difference in expert collision repair is the understanding of stress on the materials and structural framework of a vehicle, and how these dynamics impact the function of an auto body and its integrated systems, holistically."


Bob Sanandaji is a Certified Collision Specialist with over 30 years of experience transforming collision damaged vehicles back into expertly crafted mirror matches of OEM models through master collision repair of the auto body.

Auto Body Evaluation

TODAY, BOB HAS EXPANDED EURO COLLISION CENTER IN LITTLETON INTO A LEADING, INDEPENDENT AUTO COLLISION REPAIR CENTER, which has restored thousands of vehicles to factory certified condition. With expertise in advanced materials (aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-strength steels), hybrids, electro-mobility, and automotive design, his collision repair center is recognized as one of the leading certified collision repair specialists in Colorado.

Bob and his precision team help customers regain vehicle reliability, mobility, and the drive experience, and know what it's like to have a world-class vehicle, regardless of make or model.

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